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The program’s individual and professional advancement, accessibility to job opportunities, and concentrate on job retention gives a basis for people to commence a route to self-sufficiency. 10 individuals have been put by Atlanta Mission @Work into work in the Atlanta region, since starting their first cohort in July. The launching has been commemorated with a ribbon. Members of Cara and Atlanta Mission employees exist, as were representatives from Schoen Foundation, Stand Together Foundation, Cara heritage family the Owens, and NFL and New Evergreen Wealth Formula reviews.

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The program included comments from Atlanta and Cara Mission CEOs, in addition to present @Work player Natasha and her kids. Jim Reese. The launching of the Atlanta Mission indicated the creation of Cara Plus – a growth arm of their Cara enterprise. For almost 30 decades, Cara has commissioned its own providers to be an agency, garnering one year, same-firm retention rates of over 70 percent for those put in jobs and putting individuals experiencing poverty into over 10,000 projects. Its affiliate venture with Atlanta Mission was made to replicate these effects from the greater Atlanta region. Cara analyzed a venture model in 2016 with Lutheran Social Services of Indiana located in Fort Wayne in a pilot program. 12 an hour for those who finished the application.