CFD Actions are very simple to handle but they present a risk of loss of capital. The stock market is not a game, it is necessary to take its precautions before launching out in an investment and to respect some basic instructions. Many beginners think it is easy to make money with forex, binary options, CFD etc.

It is indeed possible to earn money, but it is especially easy to lose money very easily. This article will highlight very important points for a successful first investment with CFDs.

Managing Your Budget

It is very important to manage your budget well, although you can start trading with 100 or 200 €, it is better to have a larger budget so as not to risk losing everything quickly. Normally, you should not commit more than 2% on a trade. Rest assured, this rule is not mandatory to win, but it avoids the worst in the event of a crisis or flash crash, for example. So overall, don’t invest your entire budget on a trade! Even if you believe in it a lot, you never know, no one can predict the outcome of the engaged trade. As you trade online with RoyalCBank you will be able to have the smatest solutions there.

Do not lose patience, do not try to redo

It will obviously happen to you to miss a trade, to lose a sum of money more or less important , which is likely to irritate you. It is important to know how to keep calm during these times and it is better to watch the market do, although you are convinced that the market will go up, remember that you are not alone and that this can backfire on you very quickly. Be prepared to lose the amount you commit to your trade. Respect the limits that you impose on yourself , this will allow you to protect your capital and above all to make it progress in the long term, continuously, this is the most important.