Paper cutters are present in the office, or in the office to enable convenience. It has made things a lot easier for us when it comes to disposing off papers, such as carrying a huge load of papers and dumping them or hiring a third party company to shred valuable and confidential information that the company cannot simply put in the dumpster. Electric paper cutter machine can make things a lot easier, however, it also means that people can sometimes handle it in incorrect ways and end up damaging it one way or the other. Here are some things you can do in order to avoid causing any kind of problems with the paper cutters.

Changing the blades

The main function of a paper cutter is to cut paper, which means that the blades need to be ultra-sharp so that they can slice through the paper otherwise the paper will end up tearing instead of being cut. In order to avoid this problem, you should first invest in a high-quality paper cutter because this is not the sort of thing that you will be buying multiple times in a year. Moreover, adequate maintenance is crucial if you want the blades to stay sharp, so this means either changing the blades after a while and making sure to wipe the blades off at the end of the day so there isn’t a build up of paper residue.

Making sure it is being maintained

Just like we look after the other machinery and equipment in the office with the maximum amount of care like the computers, printers, etc., paper cutters also need that kind od maintenance so that they don’t wear and tear before they are meant to.  The paper cutter should be cleaned and lubricated on a scheduled basis so that it always functions smoothly.


Avoid mishandling

While a paper cutter may seem like a simple tool to use, most people tend to mishandle it by feeding it huge wads of paper that are more than what the machine’s blades can handle. The staff should be taught how to use the equipment just like they are given training on how to use the other equipment in the office.